Adventure Drivers

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Adventure Drivers is an exciting racing game set on a beautiful island. Start a fast car race and become a champion car driver when you are the leader.

Some important information when playing Adventure Drivers

Start a challenging race. You have to fight with other racers for a spot on the podium. Of course, it won't be as simple as the usual driving games! Your vehicle is loaded with explosives and damaging weapons. You need to use weapons to wipe out as many opponents as possible on the way to victory.
Along the way, you will collect a lot of coins, use the smartest ways to collect as many coins as you can. After the end of the game screen, the ability you achieve will receive the corresponding reward. The gameplay instructions are quite specific once you start playing the game. So read the instructions carefully for a great driving experience.

How to control:

  • To flip the car: use the A/D key or the left or right arrows
  • Throw weapon: Enter key
  • Acceleration: Shift

Amazing Features of Adventure Drivers

There are many attractive cars to choose from, but you need to earn enough money to own them for yourself. You need to complete good missions to unlock more new vehicles. You can view the map to know where you are, where you are going, and what tasks to do. You can select where you want to go on the map to move the fastest. To improve your vehicle, you will need to collect coins and upgrade it. With the money you save, you can also buy brand-new cars. There are eleven incredible cars waiting to be driven in the Adventure Drivers racing game.