Avatar Game

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Some basic information about Avatar Game

Get ready to go on adventures in Game Avatar. Help your character overcome the challenges by jumping over the obstacles ahead to the finish line.

This is an online adventure game featuring elements of the running genre. The game aspires to provide players with exciting journeys similar to Jake Sully's actual discoveries in the realm of Na'vi.

There are two main characters in this game, Robot and Ship

Robot character: Inspired by The Avatar 1, the Robot character has outstanding speed and agility.

Ship character: Ship is based on the character Jake Sully from the movie Avatar: The Way of Water.

The mechanics of Avatar Game

Help your main character safely overcome difficult challenges by avoiding sharp spikes and bumping into gaps when crossing the road. You must return to the enemy as soon as possible to have a chance to win. You can choose two characters according to your preferences. Each character will have a different play style, creating a different personality that is clearly shown through each character. Depending on the situation, you can choose the right character. Robot cans help you overcome steep slopes while Ship cans fly high and fast to easily overcome obstacles. Accumulate 2 types of coins along the way and try to reach the finish line early to get 3 stars in the levels.