Basket Random

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Basket Random is a two-player basketball game developed by RHM Interactive. Beat your opponent by throwing as many balls into the opponent's basket to win.

The mechanics in Basket Random

Will you fight hard? Shoot as many goals as possible to beat the other teams. A basketball game consists of two teams, each with three players. One member can be the designated embed, while another member can be the defensive designee.

The pitcher will stand in the center of the basketball court. While the pitcher is in possession of the ball, you can direct him to make a jump. To increase your score, you should try some spectacular dunks.

The defender is in ambush behind the ball handler. He needs to stop the other team's offense from scoring. You can prevent your opponent from scoring by ordering his defender to jump up or down whenever he tries to kick the ball.

Game mode in Basket Random

There are both single-player and two-player options in this game. Each of these modes excels in a particular field. You can play solo against the computer. However, do not underestimate this computer player, it is quite smart to know your moves in advance. You can play against the computer as an opportunity to practice your basketball skills. Otherwise, choose 2 PLAYER mode if you want to play with a friend or challenge anyone. You can also play online with other people in this mode. Choose your basketball team and start the match now. Do your best to win by beating your opponents.