Battle Robot T-Rex Age

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About Battle Robot T-Rex Age

Battle Robot T-Rex Age is an action game that trains fighting skills. Take control of the T-Rex robot and fight against other robots and enemies.

You've been challenged by a sneaky villain, and the only way to stand a chance is to create your own dinosaur warrior. It will not be simple, but with enough effort, you should be able to put the robot together. After folding and attaching the components, you'll have a lethal killing machine. Then, defeat your opponents in the arena.

How to play

In terms of gameplay, players control a giant robot T-Rex, they can use a variety of different weapons and abilities, such as lasers, missiles, and melee attacks, to defeat the enemies. As players progress through the levels, they will encounter more powerful enemies and must continue to upgrade their robots to stay alive. The controls of Battle Robot T-Rex Age are designed to be simple and easy to use, player use the keyboard to move their robot and use abilities, and the mouse to aim and attack.