Biker Battle 3D

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Challenge with Biker Battle 3D game

Start a difficult motorcycle race in Biker Battle 3D where you have to remove all the dangerous things around you while driving to unlock new skins and weapons.

Put the gas pedal to the metal as you compete in the craziest race of your life and amass hundreds of gold coins that you can use to purchase new masks and unlock new weaponry. In this difficult action game, you'll need to practice your construction abilities as you struggle to survive and go as far as you can. Prepare to hit your opponents with kicks, bat assaults, and powerful punches while having a blast!

To cross the finish line alive, you must outride and even shoot other riders! Win to survive, and survive to win in these hazardous speed competitions! Continually destroy others, or prepare to be annihilated!

Addictive gameplay of Biker Battle 3D

You begin the game with only one biker, one bike, and a rudimentary set of weaponry. As you progress through the levels, each of which has a unique track, you may spend the coins you collect there and the ones you receive as rewards to buy better equipment, which you will need as the stages only get harder.

Not only do you have to complete the courses, but you also have to battle and defeat the other bikers you come across while avoiding having them kill you first. Roadside obstacles and traps are also there; avoid these as well because they are very problematic.

Gather coins from the courses and power-ups like magnets to help you collect them more quickly. The controls for movement are A, D, shooting is F, a bat attack is T, Y, kicks are G, H, nitro is a shift, and slow motion is X.