Donkey Kong

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About Donkey Kong


The matching game will take you to the universe of Donkey Kong, Mario, and the heroine. Your goal is to jump over the obstacles to rescue the princess.

Donkey Kong is a Nintendo-owned video game franchise developed by Shigeru Miyamoto. It follows the exploits of Donkey Kong, a gorilla, and his ape and monkey companions. If you are interested in driving genre, you can try Drift Hunters which is a challenging drift driving game for anyone.


  • Left indicator - Proceed left
  • Right arrow - Proceed straight
  • Up arrow - Ascend ladder
  • Spacebar - Continue

The gameplay

Mario has to work his way up the staircases and sloping girders in the first level of play. Donkey Kong rolls projectiles down at you to keep you away. It's possible to score some bonus points by either jumping over the barrels or using the magic mallet to smash them. Level two has elevators to contend with (don’t fall off), and Level Three has girders that must be unbolted to send Donkey Kong for a tumble. Run and leap for your life and compete for the highest score in this classic arcade game.