Drift Hunters

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Conquer every race with Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is a 3D racing game with a variety of obstacle courses that may be played online. Choose your power source and start the race.

Drift Hunters has a sleek arcade-racer feel but isn't limited to a racing format. Instead, you may forge your own path in several locales, earning points to purchase new automobiles and improvements. The visuals are excellent for the web, but the game can also be played on low-spec devices without issue. It's a must-play for drift fans!

Every automobile you buy may be fully adjusted, including the turbo, brake balance, front camber, rear offset, and other features. You can completely change these settings to obtain the optimal tuning for your drift performance.
You can also improve the performance. Superior components can be used to enhance the brakes, weight, gearbox, turbo, and engine. Finish your vehicle in any color and receive a free set of rims.

Drift Hunters provides players access to over 20 different vehicles to use in the game. There are several different racing surfaces to choose from. Consider the various paths that one may take, such as those in the city, the mountains, and other parts of the world. Alter the components, experiment with engine settings, and make your car as powerful as possible.


  • While approaching curves in mid-drift, use caution with acceleration
  • Drift from side to side on straight roads to keep the drift alive
  • Adjust your cars to discover the sweet spot for optimum drifting
  • Drive on maps with lots of room for extended, uninterrupted drifting sessions


  • To steer the automobile, use the WASD or arrow keys
  • Use the empty space as a handbrake
  • To adjust the camera position, press C
  • To change gears, use the left shift
  • Shift down using left Ctrl