Drive Mad

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Drive Mad's simple gameplay

Drive Mad is a racing car driving game developed by Martin Magni. Driving the car through the slopes to the finish line is the goal of this game.

The way to control the car is quite simple, you just need to click and drag the car in the direction you want to go to the destination. But the difficult thing that this game brings is that you have to keep the balance of the car throughout the journey. If you don't control the car well, you can rollover. Try to balance the speed so that the car does not roll over and you will have to start the game again from the beginning. However, there are challenges where you have to jump higher and farther to cross the river. The difficulty level will be increased gradually with the level. Try to hone your driving skills.

Tips for driving through a wormhole

In this game, you can perform amazing turns but don't get hit hard or your car will be smashed to pieces. There are up to 100 levels to challenge the player's driving skills. The control is quite simple but is limited by acceleration and braking, so moving across the river becomes much more difficult. Please reverse the car to gain momentum and rush forward, but always keep the vehicle balance in a certain way so as not to cause the vehicle to overturn too much. There are so many difficult and very interesting levels to enjoy that make you very surprised, prepare a mind of steel and pass it without getting discouraged.