Four In A Row

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The principles of Four In A Row

Have fun with your friends in Four In A Row. Be the first one to connect 4 identical discs in the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction.

This game is a perfect fit for you and your friends to play together in your free time. In this game, you and your friend need to take turns dropping discs into the board. The one who can create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of identical discs first will become a victor. While playing the game, you can chat with your friends on the chat box at the left of the screen.

How to control: Use the mouse to play.

Available game modes in Four In A Row

In this game, you are offered three game modes which are Online Player, Two Player, and Play Vs Computer. If you want to compete with other players, you can choose the Online Player or Two Player mode. Otherwise, if you want to practice your skills, you can try out the Play Vs Computer mode. Select one of them and play this game now. Besides, our website presents some awesome games such as Love Pins, Terraria, Handless Millionaire, and Friday Night Funkin. Why don't you check them now?