Heroball Adventure

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Introduction of Heroball Adventure

Hone your skills with Heroball Adventure game. Your mission is to find the key to open the prison door and rescue the shadow friend who is being held.

One day, an evil wizard raided their city and kidnapped several of the children who were balls. Our protagonist is unable to stand by and watch his comrades be held captive, so he embarks on a perilous and eventful mission to rescue them. Our protagonist has a number of lives, but it is in their best interest to conserve as many as possible for the decisive conflict. It is possible to lose a life by falling into a pit, getting caught on a spike, falling through a crossing, or falling onto another type of trap. On your journey, you will have the opportunity to locate some of your pals locked up in cages. However, the cages won't be able to stop our hero, he will smash all of the cages and set his friends free. It is in everyone's best interest to get a friend who has been set free to the finish line so that he can get back home without incident.

Gameplay of Heroball Adventure

The goal of this game is to save your ball companions by navigating through the different courses while avoiding spikes and other hazards. But don't dodge the stars! mostly due to the fact that the more you collect, the greater your score will become. Find the keys, which you may use to unlock the doors of the prisons where the balls are being held as captives, in order to free your companions who are now being held hostage by the balls. You have the option of using the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control your character in this game. When you are crossing the gaps, you absolutely must remember to jump! You alone have the ability to release them from their bonds and guide them to the finish line without incident. You will have to eliminate hundreds of foes that are attempting to derail your operation by landing on them and detonating explosives while you are standing on them.