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Learn about the game Hexanaut.io

Conquer the map in Hexanaut.io and become the longest-living person in this game. Defend your territory and conquer the surrounding territories.

In terms of gameplay, it's quite similar to Sushi Party, moving on the map, not colliding with other players. Different in that, in this game you can invade territory as well as destroy other players by locking them in your path. However, you have to build your territory long and thick, and be strong, or else you will be attacked by others and you will have to start playing again. In addition to being killed by the enemy, you will also risk killing yourself while on the way to building a territory. Do not hit your snake while you are moving or you will die. If you build too far from the territory you will be very vulnerable to attack or you will kill yourself due to this carelessness. The bigger your territory is, the more opportunities and advantages you have to invade other people's territories.

Be a smart player and get to the top of your leaderboard. The more you play, the more you will be evaluated as well as gain more experience. Moreover, when you gain certain experiences, you will receive extremely valuable gifts.

Tips for playing Hexanaut.io

You should build your territory from the simplest, build slowly should not go too far from the territory, you will be easily attacked by others. Do not create too long lines, create small and short lines so that you can easily control the path, avoiding the possibility of colliding with your own body.