Mario Invaders

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Introduction to the game Mario Invaders

Mario Invaders is a shooting game in which the player must fire adversaries and avoid their projectiles. Remember to collect the stars, shields, and coins.

Game style

Mario Invaders is a Space Invaders-style game that incorporates Super Mario characters and graphics. The evil Bowser has begun an invasion of Mario World, and it is up to you to put a stop to his schemes by destroying his spaceships. You have limited time to respond and wipe off the invading monsters before they reach the next level's starting point. After completing the levels of the Mario Invaders game, come to Super Mario Bros Riders. In this games, there are many magic traps and many bad enemies, so be careful to pass them.

Features in Mario Invaders

  • 2D pixelated Mario x Space Invaders style graphics that can be played by everyone of all ages. They can have an entertaining time after enjoying this game.
  • The level is constantly growing in difficulty. The enemies will be more crowded and you have to avoid their ammo. You only have one life, so don't be attacked.
  • A shield augments that prevents harm once. This shield will drop from the sky. You have to move your character quickly to collect this shield.
  • At Each level, you have a chance to see a different background.
  • You should play this game in the full-screen mode because you can see all the traps and dangers. Then, you can easily dodge them.

How to play

Instead of jumping on your opponents, you will be shooting them in this game. The monsters will drop down from the sky and get very near to your character as they do so. As a result, you will have to turn them all off before Mario comes into contact with them. Swipe the mouse in either direction to move the character, and click and hold the left mouse button to press the spacebar and fire. Be wary in situations in which your opponents are also shooting at you and you must simultaneously fire and avoid their bullets. In addition to that, it will be beneficial for you to collect the coins, stars, and shields. In particular, the shields can defend you from attacks made by foes, as well as bullets and explosions.

Quick help for players

It's better to click the left mouse button constantly to shoot. From that, you won't miss any enemies in the sky.

You need to distinguish between useful items and deadly items. Otherwise, you can collect the deadly items and restart the game. Of course, you have to restart from level 1. The game data can be saved if you quit the game. After conquering this game, let's try our carefully selected game which is Terraria. In this game, you will control a character who is on an interesting adventure. He needs to be more and more powerful. What can you do in this game? We are waiting for you.


  • Use WASD or the left and right arrow keys to move
  • Press the spacebar or click the left mouse button to fire.