Monkey Mart

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Interesting things about Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a business management game created by TinyDobbins. Your main task is to work hard to earn money to grow your small stall into a big supermarket.

Plant fruit trees and advance through the game's seasons to stock your stands with bananas, maize, and other items. You can expect customers to gather them up and wait for you at the register. Accept the money, and include it in your monetary balance. You can level up your character, gain access to new occupations, and even hire more people to help you run the store!

Controls: Simple navigation with WASD or Arrow keys

Addictive gameplay of Monkey Mart

Your mission is to maximize profits by expanding the supermarket's infrastructure, stock selection, and employee count. You get one monkey and a bunch of fruits to start. Use the arrow buttons to control your character's movement in a given direction. Move from aisle to aisle, purchasing and stocking racks. Keep an eye on the clients as they make their way to the cash register with their purchases and withdraw their funds. Simply selecting the button at the top of the screen will grant you access to a variety of upgrades for your monkey and other helpers. Go to the game's store and pick up some sweet gear for your avatar.