Moon Clash Heroes

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About the game Moon Clash Heroes

Moon Clash Heroes is a multiplayer third-person game that you can choose between various of weapons to fight against other players in the combat.

This game is a game that brings back the nostalgia of old-school deathmatch. But, it also seems extremely fast-paced and cutting-edge. Immerse yourself in combat with adrenaline-pumping competitive multiplayer in a future atmosphere. Visit an intriguing space outpost in the third person and destroy adversaries with powerful weaponry. To become the ultimate cybernetic warrior, master the art of sci-fi fighting.

Instructions to play Moon Clash Heroes

You may join random online gamers or invite your friends by creating a private room in the game. In this multiplayer game, you must defeat all members of the opposite side. To fire correctly, you must be able to differentiate the enemy. Red arrows will indicate your foes. Otherwise, do not shoot your partner, who is indicated by a green arrow. Try to get rid of as many enemies as possible. Your position on the leaderboard is determined by the number of foes you beat. Afterward you'll obtain the number of stars that corresponds to the number of opponents you killed.

The controls are typical of the genre and quite simple. With the WASD keys, you may run and strafe. Jump with Space and crouch with C. To look around, move the mouse pointer. To shoot, use LMB, and launch a grenade, press G. The objective is to eliminate as many opponents as possible. Stay close to your coworkers and collaborate for the greater benefit. Try different weapons to find the most pleasant and efficient playstyle. Never stay in one place for too long and keep moving at all times.