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About Mope.io

Gobble and eat all that appear in the Mope.io you see. Make other players your pray and strategize to hunt them down. Be the strongest in this game. This is an online multiplayer game developed by Stan Tatarnykov. He is known as a Canadian independent developer. You are a cute little mouse. Your goal is to eat as many foods that appear on your way as berry fruit. The more food you eat, the bigger you will become and the ability to destroy enemies.

How to play in Mope.io

To grow bigger and bigger you need to eat berries or other players. Don't forget that you need to have enough water in your body to prolong your life. Use your map to find the fastest food. Try to attack other players instead of being attacked by them and you will become their dinner. Learn about the personalities and habits of each character so that you can easily hunt them and make them your meal.