Night City Racing

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Attractive gameplay of Night City Racing

Night City Racing is a car racing game that you have chance to control the super cars with high speed to pass other racers to be the first one to get the goal.

Choose your car and control it to overtake your rivals on the highways to be the winner. This game has three game modes, each with its own set of characteristics. Choose your favorite mode and compete in thrilling car races. You will compete in multi-player car races in Racing mode. Your goal is to complete two laps before your opponents do. Second or third place is also a loser. You will only win if you become the leader. In the second mode, Challenge Mode, you will compete in an airplane race. Let's begin exploring this mode. You can explore the map and play without missions in Free Drive mode. Enjoy fascinating maps with breathtaking views. Perform somersaults and demonstrate your driving abilities. Furthermore, in all three modes, there are modes for one and two players. You can play by yourself or invite your friends to join you in the high-speed races. It's worth noting that you can unlock new supercars with varying speeds, acceleration, braking, and handling.

Options and controls

There are a total of 16 races in this game that you can play against the bot or a friend, as well as 5 challenge races. There are numerous incredible supercars from which to choose. In this chapter, you can also race against an airliner. You can change the color and wheels of your car in the garage's customization section. You can also improve the performance of your vehicle by purchasing new wheels or upgrading the engine. Furthermore, you can enjoy the cool flying physics while driving through Night City. You can also change the camera view and even drive from inside the vehicle. Remember to collect coins in free mode as well! To move when playing alone, use the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D. "L-SHIFT" or "R-SHIFT" NOS Starting the car in "R" mode Back up: "T" and "C" toggle the camera view. While playing a two-player game: "ARROW KEYS" should be moved. NOS: "M" Player 1 starts the car in "O" mode. Back up: "P" and "K" toggle the camera view. "W, A, S, D" should be moved. "L-SHIFT" NOS Player 2 starts the car in "R" mode. Back up: "T" and "C" toggle the camera view.