Noob vs Pro Stick War

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Noob vs Pro Stick War - Addictive strategy game for you

Strategize and start destroying every opponent's wall in Noob vs Pro Stick War. Harness every available resource to aid your territorial invasion. This is an extremely interesting strategy game created by Stickman vs Monster School Team and released on January 16, 2023.

At the start of the game, you will be given specific instructions to play. Select the "Training" section to start the tutorial. Follow the steps that the arrow guides you through. Every step of the way, you will be thoroughly explained what it is for and how to use it. Use your money to generate more money. The more people you buy to work and mine materials for yourself, the richer and more powerful you become. You should buy more expensive stick people, the more expensive you buy stick people's tools will help you work much faster and more efficiently. You will get back a lot more money than what you spent buying them.

How to make a smart strategy

This is a strategy game that requires smart thinking. Defend the territory that you are devoting day and night to. Protect your soldiers and exploit a lot of resources, buy as many soldiers as possible to defeat other enemies.

Use miners to collect gems to build defenses that protect your city. More miners and troops can be unlocked as gems are collected. Send your troops to destroy the hostile statue before they can reach you. Conquer stages and overcome different settlements on the map to win.