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Stabfish.io is an online multiplayer fish game developed by Zytech AI. Try to destroy all the fish around you and turn them into food that nourishes your body.

Instructions for playing Stabfish.io

In this io game, you must swim through the stadium and live for as long as possible. Stabbing other fish, sharks, octopi, and calamari with your tusk will increase your numbers. Sushi and sashimi will be made from opponents who have been speared. Eat them rapidly to earn bonus points. You can earn points and extra bonuses by killing other players. You can save up for new skins, rank up to get new weaponry, and gather masks and hats that other players discard.

Tips and tricks in Stabfish.io

Powerful skins - You can acquire a variety of additional potent skins. Check the shark menu to see what tasks you need to accomplish in order to access characters like Megalodon and the Kraken. Hover your mouse over the images to read the captions.

Chain bonuses - Each character in the online battlefield is surrounded by a colored circle. Go after competitors who are on the same squad to win a chain bonus. The more deaths it takes to earn a chain bonus, the higher the tier of your firearm.

Kill streak - If you defeat numerous opponents in a row, you'll earn a stackable bonus for completing a kill streak. This can be a quick method to improve your ranking.

Random events - Throughout the game, different short-duration benefits will show in the form of a pop-up. As an illustration, consider a 1.5x multiplier for fatalities. You will earn additional points for eliminating other competitors while the random event incentive is active. However, you must move swiftly to take advantage of these opportunities!