Stick Merge

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The playing rules of Stick Merge

Prepare for thrilling shooting battles in Stick Merge. Merge two identical guns to get a stronger one and shoot down all enemies to earn a lot of coins.

Aim and shot to kill enemies in Stick Merge

Click the Play button to start shooting fights. You have many enemies you need to kill. In the shooting battle, your enemies will hide in the house. Your mission is to aim accurately and shoot down all of them to claim a lot of coins. Use the coins you earn to unlock new guns and merge them. Furthermore, your enemies are also equipped with guns. In Stick Merge, if you don't destroy them, it will be you who will be destroyed by them. Also, don't let your gun run out of ammo while your opponent is hiding, you won't be able to hit them. Take advantage of that opportunity to reload your gun. That way, as soon as your enemies appear, you can kill them without getting hurt. Because when the opponent appears, they are aiming to shoot at you, if you don't have enough bullets to destroy them right away, you may be hit by them.

How to control

Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

Some note for you in Stick Merge

This shooting game is a lot of fun. Discover fascinating facts about Stick Merge and enjoy the game.

The shop in Stick Merge

In the shop, you can purchase many hats in different styles. They are sold at different prices and divided into two kinds including Basic and Epic. The basic hats are cheaper than epic hats. Accumulate as many diamonds as possible to buy your favorite one. You can also randomly unlock these hats with 500 diamonds for each such random unlock. You won't have a hard time choosing which one to unlock when they're all great. You can spin the lucky wheel of Stick Merge to get more diamonds, or even special gifts like hat skins, or coins, weapons. If you enjoy this action game, take a look at Terraria, Battle Robot T-Rex Age, and EvoWars.io.

Upgrade your gun in Stick Merge

At the beginning of the game, you need to combine two guns of the same type to get a new stronger one. Then join the battle. Stick Merge includes many levels with increasing difficulty. The higher the level you play, the more enemies there will be and they will be much stronger. Therefore, you need to have a stronger gun to not be overwhelmed by a series of enemies. To be able to do so, you need to merge two similar guns to create a more advanced gun, with more power. However, you need coins to buy guns and merge them. In particular, the price of these guns will also increase day by day. But don't worry! You own level guns, they will also bring you a large amount of coins and you can use it to continue to upgrade guns.