Stickman Battle Fight Warriors

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Addictive gameplay of Stickman Battle Fight Warriors

Stickman Battle Fight Warriors is a stickman game developed by Sergey Mezhakov. Choose the weapon that suits your skills and start participating in the matches.

There are two main game modes that are solo mode and two-player mode. You can optionally choose your favorite stick figure model and the combat weapon you want to bring in battle. You can fully customize the character in single-player or two-player mode. Choose a level you want to explore and start with this exciting and challenging journey.

When participating in the match, you need to try to dodge the fierce attacks of the enemy. You will have a certain amount of health displayed on your head. Pay attention to it and try to survive and destroy the enemy with all the skills you learn after each match.

How to control

  • First-person: use WASD
  • Second person: use arrow keys

Tips to win in Stickman Battle Fight Warriors

In each match, the goal of the game is for only one person to survive. So what you need to do is kill the opponent before you are defeated by them. Each character will display the amount of health on the head. You need to defeat the enemy with kicks, jumps, or even high-damage weapons to win the game. In addition to attacking the enemy, you should also know how to dodge blows or grenades from the enemy because you will lose a lot of blood when suffering from this damage, you may even be hit by their weapons. Go far away and fall into the abyss even if you still have a lot of blood left.