Super Mario Bros Riders

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Description of the game Super Mario Bros Riders

Super Mario Bros Riders is a running game in which the player must avoid opponents and spikes. On an unlimited route, you have to collect coins and stars.

Super Mario Riders is a two-dimensional run-and-jump video game in which players experience an exciting race across a world filled with various hazards, including magic stars, traps, and a large number of adversaries. Take control of the protagonist and guide them through the perilous environments while also trying to amass as many gold coins and stars as possible. Enjoy an exciting race across a world filled with traps, magic stars, and loads of frightening adversaries with Super Mario Bros Riders, and take part in this unusual adventure alongside our cherished Mario and his loyal sidekick Yoshi! Completing the missions in the game Super Mario Bros Riders you can continue on to the next Mario series which is Mario Egypt Stars, which is a game set in ancient Egypt with many interesting levels. waiting for you to conquer.

How to play

The gameplay is identical to that of other Mario games, in which the player takes control of Mario and directs him to leap over various hazards and enemies along the path. On the other hand, you will experience a unique sensation when you are able to alter Mario's character and play the game using the mouse rather than the keyboard. There are no levels, you simply have to continue running in the same direction until you either run into one of the gaps or into one of the road barriers. In addition, in order to improve your score, you will need to pick up coins and stars along the way. After that, you will be able to unlock new characters by spending coins. When the head is used to break the blocks and strange boxes, there will be numerous surprises revealed.


Use the mouse to play