Super Mario Rush 2

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About the game Super Mario Rush 2

Super Mario Rush 2 is an online game in which you guide a renowned character through a variety of obstacles and adversaries. Collect pennies along the road.

Super Mario Rush 2 is an enhanced sequel to the first Super Mario Rush, which you should be familiar with. You must go through a variety of realms in order to progress in this game while also gathering gold money. You have the ability to take control of Mario's iconic character and guide him through each and every level. As you go, be sure to collect all of the gold coins you come across and bust any blocks that have question marks on them, as they may contain great power-ups for Mario.

This is the second installment of the Super Mario Rush video game series. You have the opportunity to explore three different worlds in this version: the kingdom of mushrooms, the enigmatic woodland, and the frightening grave. Each world contains a multitude of perilous obstacles, like lava, ghosts, thorns, water, saw blades, large rocks, and many others. Run as quickly and as safely as you can to reach your target. Next you can refer to Mario Invaders game and complete new challenges in this game.

Tips and Tricks

  • On the game's screen, you can toggle the sound on and off
  • This game can be played in full-screen mode
  • To roll, hold the screen down


  • Mouse - Navigate
  • Left Mouse Button - Select / Interact / Jump / Double Jump