Super Mario vs Wario

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Explore the game Super Mario vs Wario

Super Mario vs Wario is fun puzzle game suitable for all ages that you act as Mario must run as fast as possible and come to the finish line before Wario.

Welcome to the realm of speed, where you compete in races alongside Wario. Your mission is to assist Mario in defeating Wario. There are several challenges in the race. To leap over them, use the up arrow. If you collide with the blocks, you must restart from the beginning. Jump over the tortoiseshells on the road to increase your speed. You may, however, increase your pace when gathering coins. Your agility is required for the game. As the game begins, you must instantly run to prevent getting ran over by Wario. You will win if you arrive at the castle first.

There are several levels to play in the game. On the next levels, your opponent's speed and the number of roadblocks will rise. Don't be concerned, and trust in your abilities. You may play the game for free on our website to unwind. Why don't you play the game right now? Can you beat Wario and become the King of Speed?


  • Simple gameplay and control
  • Overcome the hurdles by jumping
  • Get the coins to go faster
  • Increase your level
  • Appropriate for all ages, including children
  • This is a fun and entertaining game

How to play

Control the character with the arrow keys.