Super Oliver World

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Conquer the game Super Oliver World

Super Oliver World is a game in which you break blocks to find power-ups, coins, and other surprises to help little Oliver escape a dangerous parallel world.

Are you a fan of Mario games? Are you confident with your skills? Now, I want to introduce you to a new game with familiar features. That is Super Oliver World. You will accompany Oliver to overcome many obstacles as well as traps along the way.

What happens in Super Oliver World

Oliver is chased by some strange birds. Then, he was moved to Mario world. You can see many familiar details such as pipes, and flowers. The graphics are also very familiar to many players in the world.

The appearance of deadly things such as deadly monsters transforms the world into an extremely dangerous world. Oliver is having difficulty confronting them. Let us assist Oliver in escaping the dangers of a parallel world filled with traps and dangerous enemies. You can see secret blocks along the way. Breaking the blocks reveals power-ups, coins, and other surprises is all you need to do to help Oliver run out of the parallel world. Many other characters need your help in Super Mario Rush 2 and Stick Hero.

The Super Oliver World game's mechanics

If you have ever played the Mario game, you will easily get used to the gameplay. In this game, you will move left or right to collect the coins and reach the destination. On the road, don't forget to collect many useful items on the road. They can be hearts, stars, or coins. You need to remember that the game will be over if you run out of hearts. The exit door is always at the end of the road. Therefore, you must stay safe until you can exit the exit door. With these simple mechanics, children can play this game. They will have a lot of fun with this game.

Beat enemies on the road

On the road, you can see many cute monsters. However, they are very dangerous because they can attack you as soon as you touch them. Of course, you also can eliminate them by jumping on their heads. Moreover, jumping over them is a great choice. Many other adventures are waiting for you in Terraria.


  • To move left, use A or the left arrow key
  • To move right, press D or the right arrow key
  • To shoot, press W or Z or the up arrow key
  • X or J to jump

Game features

The gameplay is simple. You just jump over obstacles to reach the end of the road. From that, you can advance the levels.

The game has interesting audio with Mario-like graphics which can bring you to childhoods. It's better to play in the full-screen mode.

There are up to 15 levels with increasing difficulty

Breaking secret blocks unlocks a power-up feature.

You can turn on or turn off the music game. You can follow the instructions in the game if you are a beginner. This game is developed by Manific Studio.