Sushi Party

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Conquer the extremely addictive Sushi Party game

Sushi Party is a snake game inspired by Kawaii and developed by Terminach. Join a party and eat all the food that falls on the street so you can grow bigger.

You join an arena with many different snakes, and your task is to make them your meal. Feeding a snake sushi will cause it to bloat and gain weight. The Japanese aesthetic of "cuteness" is called "Kawaii". The snakes here are probably the cutest you'll ever see.

There are a wide variety of achievements to earn, from consuming 50 poops to consuming 500 sushi. The hats in the loot boxes are random, and you get one for each milestone you complete. Once you've unlocked a sufficient number of hats, you can try them on in the hat store.

A few tips to win the Sushi Party

Avoid colliding with the wall or touching the heads of other snakes. If your snake hits the wall or bumps into another snake's head, the game is over.

You should get in the way of other snakes to let them rush at you. It will die and you can enjoy the meal they have prepared for you. You will get more as the snake gets bigger. If you feed the snake a lot of food, you'll get a good score. Try to grow your snake to be the biggest in the world.