Tamachi Explosive Adventure

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Character control guide

Join the game and conquer 30 challenging levels in Tamachi Explosive Adventure. Control your character through each level without falling into the lava. You can use the arrow keys or WASD to move the character to overcome the challenges on the game screen. Control your character to jump on the TNT block and return to the first square so you don't fall into the lava midway. When you destroy TNT, jump quickly to return to the original block and you will be through to the next level. If you just destroy TNT and then stand still or jump back and forth you will fall into the lava and the level is over.

Survival Rules in Tamachi Explosive Adventure

In the first levels, you will easily destroy the TNT block because it only has a single block. Every time you destroy the TNT block, the bricks will crack and fall into the lava. To be able to pass the game intelligently. Destroy the TNT block from the outside from right to left so you have a way back to the first brick. When there are many bricks around and it is difficult to move, making it easy to fall down, try to cling to the brick to climb up and jump over another brick before you fall.