The Final Earth 2

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Build a sci-fi city

The Final Earth 2 is a civilization-building game developed by Florian van Strien. Let's build a new city with a modern civilization in your imagination.

The earth is about to be destroyed so you need to create another place to live. Build the sci-fi city according to your wild imagination. You need to mine rocks and cut wood to build a house. Do your best to accumulate fuel, then build and research your way towards a brighter future! Start as an exploration ship and grow into a high-tech megacity.

How to develop modern flower culture

To further advance your culture, you establish educational institutions and industrial centers. Developing your culture further unlocks the potential to visit other planets in the galaxy. Ship your increasing population to new continents so you can expand. If you want to keep your people happy, you need to provide them with things to do, like parks and bars. If your employees are content, they will work more for you, allow you to amass more resources and expand your business. If you want to see how your team is performing and where you can make changes, just click the happy face at the very bottom of your screen.