Ultimate Mario Run

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Journey of discovery in Ultimate Mario Run

Explore a thrilling adventure in the perilous Ultimate Mario Run. You need to guide the character Mario to complete the missions and destroy the monsters.

There are five exciting challenging game modes with increasing difficulty for you to gradually adapt to each new mode. You need to pass the levels in turn from easy to difficult to understand how to play better. You have two choices for your starting character: old-fashioned 2D Mario pixels and 3D models.

A giant black bullet is chasing you in the game and you have to outrun it before time runs out. Your current game level is being consumed by cannonballs. To pass each level without being eaten, you need to keep moving. You'll be attacked by a swarm of little enemies and flying Koopa turtles. The game is ended if you go too near to them. You can walk on their heads to kill them and score bonus points, or you can hop over them to safety. Avoid the Koopa turtle's terrifying fangs as the music boxes give you a boost in jumping power. Reach the end of the level and send the carnivorous CannonBall hurtling down the pipe to the next world.

Tips and tricks to win Ultimate Mario Run

Starting with the first floor, you'll notice that more "living" stairs are needed to get to a certain spot on the roof: the Koopa Tortoise! For your next jump, you'll need to use their skull as a springboard, and you'll get bonus points for successfully killing your opponent. You can also try jumping from behind a few steps and to the left. Careful! Looking behind you always have a black CannonBall.

Make sure to activate the Yellow Warning Buttons on your way to the final levels. You can't see the road ahead, the blocks of rock obstruct and direct your view. For safety in the game, keep your hands on the control keys for the fastest reaction. This will make it easier for you to overcome the hurdles ahead. Always remember not to let CannonBall come near you or you want to get caught.