Unfair Mario 2

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About Unfair Mario 2

Unfair Mario 2 could be a sequel to the popular Unfair Mario game. The levels of this game are rated as much harder than the original Super Mario game.

The popular fan-made video game Unfair Mario 2 is based on the Super Mario franchise. Following the success of Unfair Mario (aka Mario Unfair), the game includes significantly improved graphics with 3D Mario sprites reminiscent of more recent Mario titles. Similar to its predecessor, Unfair Mario 2 is designed to frustrate the player with traps from which there is almost no escape. Nevertheless, despite all of the traps and challenges, the levels are surmountable if you find the correct path or a viable alternative. It is believed that the player would continue to lose lives in this game.


Arrow keys for movement and jumping For greater leaps, exert more force.